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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Ancistrus aguaboensis-13.58-48.23MNRJ 2085010 km from Mina?? on road Mina??-Campina?u, small tributary of the upper rio Tocantins, c?rrego ?gua Boa, Mina??, Goi?s.
Portal: GBIF. Source: MNRJ
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Ancistrus aguaboensis1996-13.58-48.23MNRJ 20850J.L. Costa Novaes, R. Mazzoni, F. Moraes & C. Weber, Córrego Água Boa, small tributary of rio Bonito, a left bank tributary of the upper rio Tocantins, 10 km from Minaçú on road Minaçú-Campinaçu, Minaçú, Goiás
Portal: FB. Source: MNRJ
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