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Scientific Name Country Locality Date taken Picture
Bregmaceros atlanticus Brazil Bratl_o1.gif
Bregmaceros atlanticus Brazil Bratl_o0.gif
Bregmaceros cantori Brazil Brcan_o0.gif
Bregmaceros cantori Brazil Brcan_o1.gif
Chloroscombrus chrysurus Brazil Chchr_o1.gif
Chloroscombrus chrysurus Brazil Chchr_o0.gif
Decapterus punctatus Brazil Depun_o1.gif
Decapterus punctatus Brazil Depun_o0.gif
Decapterus tabl Brazil Detab_o1.gif
Decapterus tabl Brazil Detab_o0.gif
Gadella imberbis Brazil Gaimb_o1.gif
Gadella imberbis Brazil Gaimb_o0.gif
Hemicaranx amblyrhynchus Brazil Heamb_o1.gif
Hemicaranx amblyrhynchus Brazil Heamb_o0.gif
Laemonema goodebeanorum Brazil Lagoo_o1.gif
Laemonema goodebeanorum Brazil Lagoo_o0.gif
Malacocephalus laevis Brazil Malae_o1.gif
Malacocephalus laevis Brazil Malae_o0.gif
Malacocephalus occidentalis Brazil Maocc_o0.gif
Malacocephalus occidentalis Brazil Maocc_o1.gif
Merluccius hubbsi Brazil Mehub_o1.gif
Merluccius hubbsi Brazil Mehub_o0.gif
Naucrates ductor Brazil Naduc_o1.gif
Naucrates ductor Brazil Naduc_o0.gif
Oligoplites saliens Brazil Olsal_o1.gif
Oligoplites saliens Brazil Olsal_o0.gif
Selar crumenophthalmus Brazil Secru_o0.gif
Selar crumenophthalmus Brazil Secru_o1.gif
Selene setapinnis Brazil Seset_o1.gif
Selene setapinnis Brazil Seset_o0.gif
Selene vomer Brazil Sevom_o1.gif
Selene vomer Brazil Sevom_o0.gif
Urophycis brasiliensis Brazil Urbra_o1.gif
Urophycis brasiliensis Brazil Urbra_o0.gif
Urophycis mystacea Brazil Urmys_o1.gif
Urophycis mystacea Brazil Urmys_o0.gif
Ventrifossa macropogon Brazil Vemac_o1.gif
Ventrifossa macropogon Brazil Vemac_o0.gif
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